Consultation Fee

The initial consultation fee is $300 for the first hour (pro-rated if less than one hour). Should you retain The Law Office of Jeffrey Miller on a full retainer basis, you will receive credit for your initial consultation fee up to one hour. That translates into a free initial consultation.


Although we require a retainer to formally represent you, we charge a lower retainer than many law firms. Rather than charging you more in the beginning, we charge you a smaller retainer fee and request that you make monthly payments so that your retainer fee is not used up.

Legal Representation Options

» Pay As You Go / Self Representation

Some clients do not wish to incur more attorneys’ fees than necessary, and would like to represent themselves, while still having the aid of legal counsel. A person can represent themselves with the help of our office. We can draft court forms, provide legal guidance to you and provide you with any other legal assistance you may need. If asked, we can attempt to settle your case for you.

Under this option, you only pay at the end of each session. For very straight forward matters, potential clients only need one session. Other people request more sessions at different stages of their divorce / family law matter. Under this option, there is no retainer fee. You simply pay as you go.

There are limitations regarding this option. We do not go to court on your behalf unless formally retained for either limited or full representation. In the event that you are unable to resolve your case, and desire us to represent you, you can always formally retain us at any time.

We will help you determine whether this option is best for you.

» Limited Scope Representation

Under this option we are your “attorney of record”. This means that we represent you for certain specified matters or issues in your divorce / family law matter. This representation can include all court appearances and hearings that are within the specified matters or issues of the limited scope representation.

Under a limited scope representation, a client can have our office represent them and seek, for instance, a temporary order affecting child support and/or spousal maintenance (alimony), take or defend a deposition of any party and/or a potential witness and the like. Once the matter or issues under the limited scope representation are concluded this office has fulfilled its obligation to the client. The client can, of course, request that this office stay on their matter to the conclusion. This would entail executing a new fee agreement for “full representation”.

We will help you determine whether this option is best for you.

» Full Representation

Under this option, we are your “attorney of record”. This means that we represent you for all aspects of your divorce / family law matter including all court appearances, hearings and at trial, if a trial is necessary.

In some cases, the facts and legal issues are so complex, self-representation or limited representation is not in a client’s best interest. Except in very straightforward cases, we do not generally recommend that you represent yourself. This is especially so if your spouse or former spouse is represented by an attorney.

We will assist you in deciding whether this option is best for you.

Fee Agreement/Billing Statements

We provide a monthly itemized billing statement to all of our clients. The billing statements describe what services were rendered on your behalf on a daily basis for that month. Because of the detailed nature of the billing statement, you can determine whether the fees charged are reasonable for the work performed on your behalf. This enables you to ask us questions about your fees if you so desire. Clients should always know what they are paying for.

Our office requires the signing of a written fee agreement for all full and limited representations. We will discuss the fee structure with you in order to avoid any surprises or confusion.