Often times we have found that the client requires more than a strictly legal approach to their case and that they prefer a more personalized professional relationship. By involving and utilizing a vast array of outside experts, our law office can assist our clients in securing a better outcome in their divorce / family law matter.

The comprehensive legal services that we offer are not limited to a strictly legal approach. Each divorce / family law case requires that a unique and individualized legal analysis be performed, but our services do not end there. Our law office has access to independent professionals that can assist and facilitate a less stressful experience and produce a successful outcome for our clients. Among the professionals whose services we utilize in the divorce / family law setting are physiological counselors, employment counselors, business valuation experts, child custody evaluators, financial and/or retirement experts and investment advisors.

We offer a variety of types of representation. Clients can retain the law office on a traditional “entire case” basis. In addition, there is a “limited representation” option available for which the office is responsible for a certain defined component of the divorce / family law matter. Finally, some clients prefer to use our legal services on a visit-by-visit basis or pay as you go. The fees charged by the office depend upon the type of representation the client chooses.

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